This summer adventure.

I love the field of communications. It’s vibrant and riveting. There isn’t a college major that I’d rather be working towards. I have a conversation like this with people frequently: Inquirer: So, what is your major? Me: I’m studying communications. […]


Call me “Lindey.”

(Moment of silence for my summer internship being over.) The end of this experience has instigated a significant amount of reflection, some serious, some humorous and some … just downright flustering. Here it is, in one neat & tidy list. […]


I’ll miss this newsroom.

Tomorrow is the last day of my summer 2013 internship. With it comes a list of “things I’ll miss.” I’ll miss the “good mornings” upon entering the office, the “good nights” upon leaving. I’ll miss walking up to the schedule […]


Advice from a cartoonist.

Last week, I was approached by an editor who asked if I would be able to do a book review. “Sure,” I said, mostly because I was in a bit of a lull and was willing to have anything to […]


Unicorns, Cake and Controversy

The subsequent list is a smattering of random thoughts from a day in the newsroom. First of all, I just wrote a story about unicorns. Okay, read the sentence again; it’s for real. Well, the unicorns aren’t. But the story […]


33, DOWN, 3 characters.

No day is quite alike in the life of a journalist. Or at least in the life of this intern journalist. Some days, I am ridiculously busy the entire day. Other days, I have a moment of “I won’t be […]


The Fuel for These Words

It’s all about the coffee. You can’t blame me for being a coffee snob/connoisseur/junkie/addict – or whatever term you prefer. I’ve been practically swimming in the stuff since 2005. (By the way, those claims that coffee stunts your growth… coming […]


421 Letters.

Four hundred twenty-one letters —that’s the number that Ken Ford received while on active duty in Vietnam from November 1967 to November 1968. Each of the 421 were sent to him by his wife, Jeralee. “Every single day she wrote […]


WEEK ONE: Check.

I have finished/survived/loved the first 6 days of my internship with the Intelligencer Journal/Lancaster New Era. It is quite amazing the amount of lessons I have learned just this week. I posted a status on Facebook after my first day […]

Freestyle, Internship


My experience as a journalist is about to  e x p a n d  significantly. I have been accepted to intern at the Intelligencer Journal/Lancaster New Era for a 13 week program this summer. The position is full-time, so I […]