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Mr. & Mrs. Stanton | Wedding

When Branden & Christy talked to me about their wedding day, they said “some snow would be nice.” And their wish came true: a surprise snow fell for hours January 7, 2017, blanketing the ground around the historic, Coatesville church […]

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Mr. & Mrs. Suniga | Wedding

And just like that, they’re a Mr. & Mrs. What a joy-filled September day it was to document this beautiful couple commit to forever together. I knew that this day would be beautiful because I know Albert and Tricia and […]

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Doug & Kate | Proposal

This post holds a special place in my heart because it features a person I hold near & dear… my best sister/best friend/best person, Kate. Nearly two years ago Kate and I went on a little day venture to the […]

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Albert & Tricia | Engaged

Okay, Annapolis, I see you. Seriously, if you’ve never been to Annapolis, you need to go. My trip there to take engagement photos of Albert & Tricia was my first (and definitely not my last). Even on a grey sky, […]

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Dean & Kelsey | Proposal

Last weekend I had the opportunity to take the sneakiest photos I’ve ever taken… a proposal shoot! I’ve known Dean for a few years as a fellow LBC-er. When he asked me to photograph his proposal to Kelsey, I was […]

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Mr. & Mrs. Getgen | Wedding

December 19, 2015: one of winter’s first real days. A day of numb fingers, flurries in the skies, a chill to the bone; a day of warm hearts, hands held tight, family and friends gathered close. This was the wedding […]

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Mr. & Mrs. Bashore | Wedding

Zach & Esther’s parents left their seats and walked to the stage. They gathered close to the Zach & Esther, placing arms around shoulders, grasping hands. Together they raised their voices, praying over their son and their daughter, covering them with words […]


Mirror identity.

She sees herself, but is she really there? What composes who she is? Where is who she is, really? She can’t find herself in what she intakes. It never satisfies. She can’t find herself in education. It’s hollow. She can’t even […]

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Sometimes Lindsey cooks.

Sometimes Lindsey cooks. And sometimes that means kebabs falling off the grill (like last week) or burnt grilled cheese (like last night). But sometimes that means a delicious, worthy of exclamations-to-the-tune-of-“success!” meal. Like tonight. Now, I’m not normally a food […]