December 19, 2015: one of winter’s first real days. A day of numb fingers, flurries in the skies, a chill to the bone; a day of warm hearts, hands held tight, family and friends gathered close. This was the wedding day of the new Mr. & Mrs. Getgen.


This winter wedding demanded to be photographed: twinkling Christmas lights, greenery upon greenery, winter hues, barren trees. Family and friends celebrating a story beginning. Feet carefully washed. Wise words shared. A cozy reception, a dance floor filled. Laughter deep. Dances sweet. And all pointed back to the love of Christ.

And it was cold outside: but this bridal party took it all in stride. And the new Mr. & Mrs. Getgen were such naturals at being photographed.

Eli and Bec, your day was truly beautiful. Thank you for the honor it was to document it.


View the complete gallery of photos here.

View my personal favorites here.

Thank you to Krissy Filbert for being my second shooter.

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