Here’s what I’ve decided about family photos: there’s no such thing as a bad photo of the kids because they’re kids. They’re a combination of adorable and hilarious no matter what moment the camera captures.

That’s how the Hornbaker family was. Three generations with a lot of personalities and a lot of love for each other.

A few weekends ago, their family set aside time to be together and wanted some photos to document the occasion.

Thank you, Hornbaker family, for letting me hang out with you and take some photos!

Here are a few of my favorites.

IMG_8991 IMG_8876IMG_8889 IMG_8909 IMG_8958 IMG_8980 IMG_9037 IMG_9112 IMG_9203  IMG_9259 IMG_9284 IMG_9376 IMG_9423 IMG_9469IMG_9229

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