Tomorrow is the last day of my summer 2013 internship. With it comes a list of “things I’ll miss.”

I’ll miss the “good mornings” upon entering the office, the “good nights” upon leaving.

I’ll miss walking up to the schedule each day, scanning the list of names to find a seat I can claim as my own for the day.

I’ll miss the rhythm of fingers on keyboards; the letters worn away on reporter’s keys. I can’t see the “n” anymore, or the “a” or the “e,” but it’s okay. I know they’re still there.

I’ll miss the last bathroom stall, the one where the door gets stuck every time, resulting in a moment of panic: “Am I trapped here…forever?”

I’ll miss emailing reporters from across the newsroom. Sometimes, it makes more sense than yelling.

I’ll miss walking in every morning and picking up my copy of today’s paper.

I’ll miss the banter across the desks, the moments when the reporters break their focus to laugh together.

I’ll miss the anticipation of a deadline, racking my brain furiously for words, words, more words, the right words.

I’ll miss approaching strangers on the street, trying to befriend them in a matter of seconds to ask them a few questions.

I’ll miss my fellow interns, the group of newbie journalists that learned together this summer, the group that asked each other questions and gave advice. The group that laughed at things only we found funny.

I’ll miss being “in the know” – before anyone else in the county does.

I’ll miss being in this city every day. I’ve grown to know it much better this summer and appreciate it much more.

I’ll miss the metal gates that shield the exit of the parking garage past 10 p.m. I’ll miss them click, click, clicking up as I leave the garage in a slightly sleep stupor.

I’ll miss the patient editors and reporters, the ones that answered my questions and taught me more than I even know.

I’ll miss the alert silence – the rare environment of a room full of people, each absorbed in their work, yet each always listening. I don’t think journalists can turn off any of their senses. I think they are always in tune.

I’ll miss this newsroom.

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