It was a crisp, blue-skied spring day. It was April 4, 2015. The day before Easter, it was fitting for new life, for two-becoming one, for an aura of holiness.

On that day Dan & Miriam entered the covenant of marriage in a sanctuary filled with people who had journeyed with them as individuals and now as a couple.

There was a radiant bride (Miriam, of course).

There were tears. Of joy. Of raw emotion.

There was laughter (it’s never far when Dan is in the room).

There were unifying prayers (as bridesmaids, as groomsmen, as a family, as a community).

All Glory to God.

After personally composed vows, rings slide onto each other’s fingers, and a kiss to seal the deal, Mr. & Mrs. Clementi celebrated with their friends and family.

Dan & Miriam, thank you for allowing me to capture your day. It was truly beautiful and genuine; I hope these photos can remind you of its significance.

View the complete gallery of photos. 

View my favorite photos from the day.

Thank you to Dustin Groh for being my second shooter.DMCRecp-114

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