It’s always nice to come home from work to an envelope with my name on it (that’s NOT a bank trying to get me to sign up for a credit card…..). When I got home Monday, there was an card waiting for me with “Reynard” on the return address. I opened it up expectantly, and, there it was – sweet little Clark grinning from ear to ear on their Christmas card!

I had such fun taking photos of Jon & Whitney & their newest family member, Clark. He was so pleasant – and you two have taken to being parents like champs.

We took these photos a few weeks ago, but now that it’s *officially* Christmas season, it’s the perfect time to share some highlights.

First, Clark. I mean, look at this kid. (I could really go for some pajamas like him, too, you know?)


And a few photos of the family, because they really are so sweet (and Clark was so brave in the cold morning air!)


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