Sometimes Lindsey cooks.

And sometimes that means kebabs falling off the grill (like last week) or burnt grilled cheese (like last night).

But sometimes that means a delicious, worthy of exclamations-to-the-tune-of-“success!” meal. Like tonight.

Now, I’m not normally a food blogger, but this was a good experience – too good not to share.
Foodtography, I like to call it.

On the menu tonight…

Pork, parmesan, and parsley meatballs in a red pepper and yellow squash marina sauce served on spinach fettuccine.

Shout outs:

  • To Target for having a sale on ground pork (which I never would have bought otherwise. Side note: if you shop at Target, try their new Cartwheel app. It makes shopping that much more enjoyable. And, from my perspective, every penny saved helps.)
  • To my neighbor for giving me unlimited access to her herb garden (which I had to water for the past 1.5 weeks. Surprisingly, nothing died. It’s a miracle.)
  • For recipes on the internet. Actually, just a shout out to Google in general.
  • AND to my dear sister Kate for the gift of the spinach fettuccine.

Oh, and it’s sprinkled in grated parmesan cheese. Of course. IMG_3781
Don’t worry, the green pasta isn’t some sketchy Dr. Seuss dinner. It’s actually quite tasty.IMG_3782
Sometimes Lindsey cooks, and she can’t help but take pictures of it.

What new recipe have you tried recently?

0 thoughts on “Sometimes Lindsey cooks.

  1. Lindsey, your dinner looks delicious–just like something from a food magazine. Your cooking is an unexpected benefit of your summer internship. Great to see that you are experimenting and not just eating fast food.
    It sure has been quiet here since the twins and Kate left for COH last Friday. So proud of how you each are growing and expanding your horizons.
    Lots of love and daily prayer for you,

  2. Looks wonderful love to try it. How about the recipe? Keep sending blogs so fun to read. Love, Aunt Cathy

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