It’s all about the coffee.

You can’t blame me for being a coffee snob/connoisseur/junkie/addict – or whatever term you prefer.

I’ve been practically swimming in the stuff since 2005.

(By the way, those claims that coffee stunts your growth… coming from a 5’8” female, I have to disagree.)

On the job in the city, there is a plethora of options for the avid coffee drinker.

Let’s discuss them.

The Steal

First, we have the 10 cent cup from the in-house machine back in the pre-press area. It’s that cheap – because it’s Folgers – and it’s not for a profit. Regardless, there are some perks to going with that option. As previously mentioned, it will not put a dent in my wallet. I keep my own mug in the office, so it is a delight to drink out of that rather than a disposable cup. (Go green? That’s for you, Grandad.) Plus, there is this extremely sweet woman who sets it up for brewing. It’s worth the 10 cent price tag just to talk to her.

The Middle Ground

The next cheapest thing – a 12 ounce cup of joe for $1 from Cross Keys Coffee and Tea. I still need to investigate to figure out where that coffee comes from, but it’s actually sufficient coffee. The barista was impressed that I wanted it black (what does that say about the clientele?) The downside of this little cafe is that they have those lame lids. You know, the kind that you pull back and try to wedge onto that raised circular piece in the middle. They’re just asking for trouble. If you don’t believe me, ask the kind woman who had to hold the cup for me as well as multiple doors while I struggled with the dripping coffee and my umbrella.

The Mean Cup

Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays bring with them Central Market – the high point of thriving life in center city. The first few times I was working while it was open, I wandered around through the stands, perusing the marketable options. I opted to try a cup of “Mean Cup” iced coffee and was pleasantly surprised. They make a delicious cold-brew iced coffee – nice and bold. And a 16 ounce cup is a mere $1.50. An excuse to roam through market and sip on cold java goodness – what’s not to love?

The Splurge

Sometimes… I just want a latte. Even if I have to pay a few extra dollars for it. My preference lies with Prince Street Cafe. Maybe it’s because all doubts were wiped away with their remodeling last summer. Really though, the industrial look in the interior is stunning. I appreciate it every time I reenter. A latte graces past $3.00 but is worth it for those sips of velvety foam and rich espresso. (I also sampled a latte from Cafe One Eight last week. It was better than I had thought it might be.) Chestnut Hill Cafe calls my name, but the near 1.5-mile trek round-trip doesn’t comply very well with my 30-minute lunch break. I might have to devote my break to a field trip for a red latte one of these days.

With this whole “using-my-brain-power-full-time thing,” I need all of the energy boosts I can get. Plus, when surrounded by culture and a vast number of options within a few mile radius, how can I resist sipping the coffee that this city has to offer?


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  1. I share your love of coffee and also like the way you put together a “java stroll” through Lancaster City– we really enjoy Prince Street Cafe as you do –and will be sure to try out some of your other suggestions soon.

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