The subsequent list is a smattering of random thoughts from a day in the newsroom.

First of all, I just wrote a story about unicorns. Okay, read the sentence again; it’s for real. Well, the unicorns aren’t. But the story is. I’d share more, but I don’t want to give away too much before it’s put in print next week. Get ready, it’s going to be magical (maybe).

Item #2: I have noticed a reoccurring theme in the newsroom: cake. Literally every week a cake/dessert finds its way here. Sometimes its because of a celebratory occasion. Other times, it’s more of a “just because” snack. I like cake/dessert; therefore, I like this trend. I am fully in support of it, especially when my breakfast was small and/or my packed lunch is lacking in substance.

And finally: Yesterday I wrote a short business piece on the cover of the new Rolling Stone magazine. I scurried about the Lancaster area for a majority of the day, scouring shelves to see if it would make an appearance in various stores. It’s caused quite the national controversy, and several store chains declared that they would be boycotting its sale in their stores. Why such an uprising? The cover featured a photo of the 19-year-old bomber from the April 2013 Boston Marathon. The photo was not a mug shot, a shot of him at the time of his capture or a shot of him immediately after waking up in the morning. Rather, the producers selected a photo of him that made him look like a celebrity. Some protest that it makes him look normal, but it’s definitely staged. Your hair doesn’t fall across your forehead like that without careful attention.
All of this speculation has led me to realizing the irony of the situation. The Rolling Stone publishes a controversial cover, the media lashes out in response saying that it glorifies him, and, inevitably, the man’s glory intensifies. It’s truly a cycle of irony.
My article really just added to the noise, in a sense. That’s why I attempted to approach it from a business perspective rather than a subjective one.

From comical to serious, I had a few moments of revelation today.

All in a day’s work, as they say.

P.S. Who is this elusive “they,” anyway?

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  1. Your P.S. is my favorite! 😉

    Always enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for sharing! Interested about the unicorns though, when will they make an appearance?

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