I said I wouldn’t do it.

But I am sitting here in the library, finishing almost all of my assignments for the week, pausing and realizing…

I told myself I would keep posting in this space…

It was easier when all I did all day was write, write, and write. Now I sit in class, do tedious assignments, long to write, refresh Twitter, cross off my to-do list, be a barista, and sleep.

It’s difficult to transition to a college schedule after being a 9 to 5 professional all summer long. It’s amazing how quickly I acclimated to that environment. BUT, I need to be here at school. I need that piece of paper, these credits, the experiences, the friendships.

My most insatiable issue is this: I feel so uninformed now.

I liked being a “hipster” journalist. You know, someone who knew the news before anyone else in the county did.

However, I do enjoy being an analyzer of my generation’s habits. Observing the way my peers intake and output news is quite fascinating. Recently, I myself have learned the viability of social media, particularly Twitter, as a platform for news.

Example: when the government shutdown, what was I doing? I was laying in bed at about midnight, scrolling through my Twitter feed before going to sleep. I came across all of the news outlets’ cries of “BREAKING NEWS: Gov’t Shutdown,” etc. A epiphanous moment transpired next:

In that moment, I knew more about the state of my government than a majority of the adult population on the East coast.

Why? Because they were sleeping, they had yet to receive their morning paper. (At that time most papers would have gone to the presses already, anyway.)

It was a good learning experience for me, a perfect example of how online news platforms are changing the way society is informed. Do I still believe in the value of print? Oh yes, certainly. But few of my peers do.

Maybe I don’t have daily writing assignments anymore (however, I am back to writing for Freestyle, so my byline is still out there!).

But that doesn’t mean I can’t take my newsroom, analytical perspective with me everywhere I go.

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