The following my last published piece as a writer for the Freestyle section of Lancaster Newspapers.
Publication date: Sept 7, 2014.

I frequently hear my generation speak of the future of news with skepticism. They claim the digital age means saying farewell to anything on paper. However, those who think a loss of paper will result in a loss of news are missing the full picture. News is threatened by the digital age, but not in the manner in which many believe.

Editorializing threatens news. News is being threatened not in terms of its existence but in terms of its credibility.

We cannot let the credibility of news outlets die. We cannot let them be overtaken by citizen journalists and editorialized blogs and opinionated tweets.

It seems as if any and everyone can write a blog and maintain a Twitter handle. It’s easier than ever for an individual to share his or her voice and be heard (or retweeted or shared or liked). The more information in the internet-sphere, the most difficult it is to sort through what is accurate and what is not.

Allow me to clarify: the comments and ideas of individuals outside of news outlets are essential to the introduction of new ides and perspectives. They should never disappear completely. However, the danger begins when the voice of commentary is the loudest voice of all.

News outlets that hold to the standard of unbiased reporting of the facts are becoming sacred.

Journalists, reporters and editors who take time to reveal what is truth are rare. With such increasing rarities, credibility only becomes more valuable.

I have had the distinct privilege of writing for Freestyle for the past two and half years. I joined the staff with an interest in writing. I leave the staff with a deeply rooted passion for journalism.Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Freestyle has helped to invigorate in me a love for news. I have had the opportunity to learn about agriculture, voting, entrepreneurship, initiatives to help the homeless and more. I’ve interviewed a few celebrities and a lot of ordinary people like you – ordinary people with extraordinary accomplishments.

This is why I believe so strongly in listening to credible news. People have stories that are worth being told accurately.

How can news credibility live on? I believe our generation and the ones to follow will play a significant role in that. By subscribing first to actual news, be it in the form of print, digital, broadcast, or radio, we place our support and value in what is the root of any peripheral commentary.

To my generation – those finishing high school, those in college, those entering the workforce – hold fast and tight to news that is accurate. For as long as things keep happening on this earth, news will never die.

Everyone has an opinion. But truth can only be told as one version.

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