Mr. & Mrs. Shaeffer | Wedding

Day two of snow-covered ground really is the best. The world is dressed in white — but travel is unhindered. It’s the kind of setting you can’t plan for but can only appreciate, especially when that’s the setting in which […]

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Mr. & Mrs. Hobgood | Wedding

What do you do when your plans for a bayside wedding day get drenched in an unexpected October storm? You hold your dress in one hand, a bubble umbrella in the other. You stand shoulder to shoulder with your groomsmen, […]

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Josh & Christy | Engaged

Christy told me she had a request for her engagement photos with Josh: fall trees and a cityscape. So on an October Saturday we ventured to downtown Harrisburg. There we found the coolest ampersand mural (in purple, her favorite!), some […]

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Hornbaker Family | Portraits

Here’s what I’ve decided about family photos: there’s no such thing as a bad photo of the kids because they’re kids. They’re a combination of adorable and hilarious no matter what moment the camera captures. That’s how the Hornbaker family was. […]

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Mr. & Mrs. Icker | Wedding

“We are … married.” Drawing on a fierce loyalty to their alma mater and an even fiercer loyalty to each other, the new Mr. & Mrs. Icker declared their forever anthem Sept. 16, 2017. Weddings on Memory Lane made the most […]

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Mr. & Mrs. Eagan | Wedding

This day was nothing short of beautiful. For starters, it transpired at a historic home built in 1859 on a Fredericksburg, Virginia battlefield that boasted photo-worthy spots around every corner. Jimmy & Katy were full of joy from the first moments getting ready […]

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Kevin & Lindsey | Engaged

I met Lindsey last year as a fellow bridesmaid for a dear, mutual friend. She has the kind of sweet demeanor you can’t help but instantly like (plus, she spells her name how it should be spelled;) ). While we […]