Perhaps we all have a story. A narrative of beginnings and ends, with plots and characters that develop – antagonists, protagonists, and the like. And perhaps stories can be told in many ways: through voice, through pen to paper, through images, through art.

I’ve yet to find a story that isn’t worthy of being told. What’s yours?

My name is Lindsey Blest.

I’m a storyteller.

Most of the time, I write. I’m a journalist.

I also tell stories with camera in hand – through photographs. Be it a proposal, engagement, wedding or family portrait session, I consider it an honor to capture moments of meaning. I’m Lancaster-based but love traveling to new places.

And if I’m not doing either of those things, you’re most likely to find me: with a mug of black coffee in hand, on a run (always outside, never on a treadmill), keeping the doctor away with an apple a day, scheming a trip to a city, writing (with the my left hand), and/or identifying fonts.

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