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Doug & Kate | Proposal

This post holds a special place in my heart because it features a person I hold near & dear… my best sister/best friend/best person, Kate. Nearly two years ago Kate and I went on a little day venture to the […]

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Albert & Tricia | Engaged

Okay, Annapolis, I see you. Seriously, if you’ve never been to Annapolis, you need to go. My trip there to take engagement photos of Albert & Tricia was my first (and definitely not my last). Even on a grey sky, […]


Mr. & Mrs. Jaquez | Wedding

The celebration of Arnold & Amanda’s matrimony extended over two separate weekends. Part 1, a quiet, close-knit beach ceremony. Part 2, a lively, community-based reception. Part 1, sand and blue skies. Dolphins and “I do.” Foot washing and pinwheels. Part 2, a crowd […]

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Dean & Kelsey | Proposal

Last weekend I had the opportunity to take the sneakiest photos I’ve ever taken… a proposal shoot! I’ve known Dean for a few years as a fellow LBC-er. When he asked me to photograph his proposal to Kelsey, I was […]

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Mr. & Mrs. Getgen | Wedding

December 19, 2015: one of winter’s first real days. A day of numb fingers, flurries in the skies, a chill to the bone; a day of warm hearts, hands held tight, family and friends gathered close. This was the wedding […]

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Mr. & Mrs. Bashore | Wedding

Zach & Esther’s parents left their seats and walked to the stage. They gathered close to the Zach & Esther, placing arms around shoulders, grasping hands. Together they raised their voices, praying over their son and their daughter, covering them with words […]