My Hips Don't Lie

The 13.1 | My Hips Don’t Lie: Part 3

“I’ve awaken early. I’ve gone to bed late. I’ve consumed gallons of water. I’ve developed blisters. I’ve spend hours icing and stretching. I’ve hobbled up and down stairs. I’ve breathed, heavy, labored, and deep. I’ve fought nausea. I’ve logged miles […]

My Hips Don't Lie

My Hips Don’t Lie: Part 1

Note: I’m taking a course this semester called “Writing for the Web.” One of our assignments is to publish a weekly blog on a consistent topic. Since I already have a functioning blog, I’ve decided to use it (in all of […]


Mirror identity.

She sees herself, but is she really there? What composes who she is? Where is who she is, really? She can’t find herself in what she intakes. It never satisfies. She can’t find herself in education. It’s hollow. She can’t even […]


Why My Generation Can’t Let News Die

The following my last published piece as a writer for the Freestyle section of Lancaster Newspapers. Publication date: Sept 7, 2014. I frequently hear my generation speak of the future of news with skepticism. They claim the digital age means […]

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Sometimes Lindsey cooks.

Sometimes Lindsey cooks. And sometimes that means kebabs falling off the grill (like last week) or burnt grilled cheese (like last night). But sometimes that means a delicious, worthy of exclamations-to-the-tune-of-“success!” meal. Like tonight. Now, I’m not normally a food […]