The celebration of Arnold & Amanda’s matrimony extended over two separate weekends. Part 1, a quiet, close-knit beach ceremony. Part 2, a lively, community-based reception.

Part 1, sand and blue skies. Dolphins and “I do.” Foot washing and pinwheels.

Part 2, a crowd of family and friends. Dancing and laughter. Prayers and encouragement.

What a joy it was to capture it all!

I met the lovely Amanda on a trip to Zimbabwe with Lancaster Bible College a few summers ago. We rode an elephant together (which will bond you like nothing else). To see her love for Arnold and his love for her is inspiring. Together they seek to emanate Christ… whether by Arnold’s simple foot washing for Amanda on the beach or being surrounded by the prayers of family and friends.

View the complete gallery of photos here.

View my personal favorites here.

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